The application of maker culture in the Brazilian context and in other countries with socioeconomic limitations requires a translation process, based on the specificities of local traditions and cultures. In these places, the idea of ​​innovation does not necessarily imply the local production of technological devices, nor the massive use of digital technologies, but rather the conscious and critical use of available technologies, in a context in which environmental degradation is an issue every day. more serious time. Gambiologia is an art and design platform that is inspired by the tradition of "gambiarra" (spells) to create electronics and propose collective projects, such as events and publications. Based on these initiatives, he proposes a peculiar method of articulating concepts related to: maker culture, hacking, education, do-it-yourself, online creativity, Brazilian culture, invention and improvisation.


 Fred Paulino (1977) is an artist, designer, curator and educator born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where he still lives. He got a BA in Computer Science and had post graduate studies in Contemporary Art. He creates artworks in different media including print, street art, video, electronics and coding. He is the catalyst of Gambiologia, an independent creative platform which adopts the local tradition of “gambiarra” as a source of inspiration for collaborative works in art and technology. “Gambiarra” is the act of doing smart and precarious improvisation using what is at disposal, in order to fix things or to create what is needed. Gambiologia investigates how this approach on ingenuity can be applied in the electronic arts context through the creation of multifunctional devices. Fred produced and curated the collective exhibitions “Gambiólogos” and “Maquinações” (2010/2014/2018) and is the editor of Facta, the Gambiologia magazine.


IG @fredpaulino @gambiologia.oficial

YouTube: @gambiologia


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