Title: Sonidos del Antropoceno

 For the first time in 4.5 billion years, a species is the main geological force behind changes to the Earth system. The Anthropocene is a geological epoch resulting from the impact of these changes produced by the action of man, which could replace the epoch in which we currently live - the Holocene.

 This unprecedented footprint can be detected in a number of markers including plastic in the oceans, aluminum, plutonium deposition, carbon particles and a host of fossilizable biological and technological remains. Many of these markers will leave a permanent trace in the stratigraphic records of our planet.

 This installation transforms the Earth into a score using data from these markers, and plays it with the sunlight as the planet rotates, transforming it into sounds. This happens in real time, giving back to nature the power to execute that score with the only beat that today remains unchanged: the rotation of the Earth on its axis.


 Composer and transdisciplinary artist. His production and research focus on the dialogue of art with science and technology. He coordinates the Center for Art and Science and directs the Diploma of Expanded Music at the Mauricio Kagel Institute of Arts of the National University of San Martín.


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