Campo Visual [Marcos Martín Bauzá]



Title of the work: Visual Field.


The piece is in turn a landscape, as well as a visual poem with deep political connotations. Soy is the crop par excellence in Argentina today. Behind its sole presence, different macroeconomic variables, environmental notions, as well as aspects related to food and health can be observed. I used this biological material as a political signifier, loaded with questions and important debates for the current national task such as the redistribution of wealth, deforestation, the desertification of soils due to lack of crop rotation, the use of glyphosate as a toxic pollutant for the human health, the use of herbicides that is reducing the number of pollinating insects to alarming values, historical events such as resolution 125/2008 and its implications for the country, and so on.

Marcos Bauzá is a visual artist and poet. He was born in Tucumán in 1980. He lives on the outskirts of Las Talitas. He studied at Workshop C of the Faculty of Arts of the UNT. He defines himself as a tireless worker of culture. Since 2018 he has been director of visual arts at CiTá, ABASTO DE CULTURA.

He obtained some prizes and mentions, among which the official selection of Tangent Sites ´09 or the First National Poetry Prize awarded by Club Hem Editores; as well as the recognition of the press and the public throughout his career.

He held art clinics and seminars with Claudia Fontes (United Kingdom), Kevin Power (United Kingdom), Justo Pastor Mellado (Chile), Ticio Escobar (Paraguay), Patricia Hakim (Buenos Aires), Román Vitali (Rosario), Diego Carabelli ( Mar del Plata), Eduardo Rosenzvaig and Carlota Beltrame.

He was selected on several occasions for the Contemporary Art Hall of the UNT, the Carlos María Navarro and others such as the Tucumán Hall for the national scope, Painting.

He held more than 10 individual exhibitions throughout the country: Espacio La Punta, El Cuarto Naranja, Fábrica Mental, Isidoro Espacio de Arte by Coronel Suárez or CC Virla.

He exhibited, produced and curated numerous group exhibitions in galleries and contemporary art spaces throughout the country: Tucumán, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata and Bahía Blanca.

Some of his works belong to private or public collections, such as the Municipal Gallery of San Miguel de Tucumán and the MAC MBA Bahía Blanca.




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