Fragility and uncertainty are two qualities that characterize the current reality, and that although they are already becoming visible in the constant changes driven by multiple factors -biological, technological and climatological-, they are clearly evidenced in these times of pandemic. These mutations are not innocuous for people's lives, but on the contrary, it forces them to reconfigure their environmental environments: work environment, social environment, family environment, natural environment and physical environment. In this framework, the 3rd Edition of BIT addresses two central axes: global environmental change and artificial intelligence, proposing different actions based on the interaction between art, science and technology


In this 2020 edition, conditioned by the current context, BIT transfers its major actions to virtuality, using different digital tools to develop the programming, reserving some activities to carry them out, if possible, in person in spaces of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and in the facilities of the Cultural Center of Science C3, physical and symbolic headquarters of the event.


A calendar of four consecutive days is proposed from October 15 to 18, 2020. Where both virtual and in-person programming will take place in external locations, following the protocols indicated by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, given the current context. In addition, the programming includes the extension of the contents and interaction with them throughout 2021, through our online platforms.


– Generate a meeting space between scientific, artistic and technological knowledge.
– Show through artistic productions, conferences and workshops, the crossing of these different languages.


Sound art, performances, installations, interventions and interactive works on a virtual platform, are some of the formats through which BIT will carry out inquiries and conceptual developments from the visual arts, promoting reflection on robotics, artificial life, augmented reality , virology -analyzing especially the COVID-19-, and even gender equality in the three areas, promoting new models of thought.

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